SonixLipo Body Sculpting
combining Liposonix & Vaser Shape
Advanced Ultrasound Technology for Localized Fat Removal
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Frequently Asked Questions for Liposonix & Vaser Shape Body Sculpting


1. What is LipoSonix?

LipoSonix is device new to the United States that has been used overseas to permanently get rid of fat cells and reduce waist size. LipoSonix uses focused ultrasound waves to permanently get rid of fat cells selectively in your problem areas. LipoSonix gets rid of these fat cells without surgery and with minimal side effects or downtime. For decades people have been trying to selectively remove fat from problem areas, using belts, injections, exercise and many other techniques. Until now, the only way to really remove fat from a selective area was liposuction. Now there is LipoSonix.

2. How does LipoSonix work?
LipoSonix uses a special technology called High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to cause the death of fat cells safely and effectively. Focusing the ultrasound energy of LipoSonix at 1-2 cm below the surface of the skin avoids any burns or trauma to the skin and makes the treatment more comfortable. The fat cells are disrupted by the HIFU resulting in an average 4-5 cm (1.5-2 inches) reduction in waist size for a one hour treatment.

3. What happens to the fat after LipoSonix?
The disrupted fat cells attract the body’s inflammatory and healing responses. Special cells called macrophages engulf the fat and cellular debris. The macrophages then transport the fat through the lymphatic and venous system eventually to the liver. This process takes 2-4 weeks, so there are no changes in fat, triglyceride or any other body chemistries. The liver treats the fat from the macrophages just like fat you have eaten. The liver takes the fat and metabolizes it normally. Studies have not shown an increase in other body measurements after the use of LipoSonix. This means there is no measurable redistribution of the fat. We know it can’t go back to the treatment area because those cells no longer exist.

4. Who is a good candidate for LipoSonix?
LipoSonix is best for certain patients. Both women and men can be candidates. You should be able to pinch at least an inch of fat in your area of concern. A layer of fat less than an inch probably does not require treatment. You should also be fairly close to your ideal body weight. Persons with Body Mass Index (BMI) less than 30 may be candidates. If your BMI is greater than 30, you will probably do better with liposuction than with LipoSonix. Currently LipoSonix has been approved for use on the abdomen and love handles. Some patients may be appropriate for other body areas. To find out your BMI follow this link: CDC BMI Calculator.

5. What kind of results can I expect from LipoSonix?
LipoSonix permanently disrupts the fat cells in the treatment area. One treatment is recommended in the area. A treatment takes about an hour. The current studies showed an average decrease in waist size of 4.6 cm or 1.8 inches after 3 months. This is essentially one pant size. These results are from the first generation LipoSonix machine. We are proud to introduce the second generation LipoSonix machine. Clinical trial studies for the second generation LipoSonix machine are currently underway. The early reports are showing the same or better overall reduction using the second generation LipoSonix machine. Although some results from LipoSonix are often seen in 1-2 weeks, it often takes 3-6 month for the final results to be realized.

6. What are the side effects of LipoSonix?
LipoSonix has only mild side effects. Patients using the second generation LipoSonix machine have experienced only mild or no discomfort. Since each person has a different pain tolerance, medications are available for anxiety or pain control. We offer intramuscular Toradol which is adequate for most people for pain relief. If narcotic mild sedation is desired, one should request another person to provide transportation and company overnight. Some patients have some redness, swelling and bruising after LipoSonix. Redness usually resolves after a few hours. The swelling from LipoSonix usually resolves in a few days. Bruising from LipoSonix may take up to 2 weeks to resolve. Arnica supplements taken for 3 days prior to LipoSonix treatments and continued for 2 days after LipoSonix may help reduce the bruising and swelling.

7. Will LipoSonix help me lose weight?
LipoSonix is NOT a weight loss procedure. The fat cells are permanently disrupted with LipoSonix treatment. However, the fat inside the cells is not destroyed. The fat is carried back to your liver and treated just like food you eat. Once processed by the liver, the fat released by LipoSonix treatments is sent back out to fat cells in the body. Since the fat cells the fat came from are no longer present due to the LipoSonix treatment, the fat cannot return to the treatment area. Typically, it will go to multiple places in the body and result in few if any measurable increases to other body areas. It is important to remember: LipoSonix permanently disrupts fat cells but does not destroy or eliminate fat. You cannot use LipoSonix for weight loss, only inches loss.

VASER SHAPE – 10 most commonly asked questions

What makes the Vaser Shape treatment unique and appealing?
It is non-invasive, non-painful, very effective and safe. No anesthesia or surgery needed. Relaxing deep heat massage sensation appreciated during the treatment. On average, one inch reduction in circumference can be immediately appreciated after the first therapy. No known short-term or long-term side effect is associated with the treatment.

How does Vaser Shape work?
The Vaser Shape utilizes a handpiece with two low-frequency ultrasound heads that target the undesirable localized fat deposits directly underneath the skin. The ultrasound wave focus on the fat layers, while sparing adjacent tissues such as the skin, nerves, blood vessels and underlying connective tissue. The ultrasound energy interrupts fat cells via its cavitational, thermal, mechanical, and chemical effects. Most important of which is the 'cavitational effect' where bubbles are created within and nearby fat cells due to variable pressure exerted by the transdermal ultrasound.

How does the body dispose of the fat after Vaser Shape treatment?
Vaser Shape’s unique ultrasound treatment breaks the membranes of the fat cells and the fat cells burst, releasing fatty acids and triglycerides; these then get absorbed and transported via lymphatic and the vascular systems to the liver. Through the natural liver metabolism, these excess fatty acids and triglycerides get eliminated  from the body. Lymphatic drainage handpiece on Vaser Shape known as ‘zonal massage’ greatly facilitates this elimination process.


What body areas can be treated?

All localized fat deposits except the face and neck. Most popularly requested areas are the abdomen, love handles, hips, back rolls, saddle bags along thighs, and triceps of arms.


What kind of discomfort is associated with Vaser Shape treatment feel like?

Deep heat massage is most commonly described by our patients. This should be a relatively non-painful experience except when high energy is utilized for few seconds each time for the most prominent undesirable area of fat deposit.

What kind of pre-op or post-op care is required after Vaser Shape?

One should drink plenty of water for 24 hours prior to each treatment to facilitate liquefaction of the fatty tissue during Vaser Shape therapy. After the treatment, one can immediately return to his/her daily routine. There is no ‘downtime’ involved. Moderate exercise is encouraged. You should not have any pain or discomfort after the treatment. Stay active, engage in moderate exercise, and avoid diets that are high in sugar content for 3 days after each session to minimize reasorption of recently released fat from getting stored in another anatomic location.


How long is each Vaser Shape Body Sculpting treatment and how often should it be repeated?
Each session typically lasts 20-75 minutes depending on the size of the treatment area(s). Dr. Ting will custom tailor treatment protocol for each patient. He typically recommends a series of treatments two weeks apart. 


Are the results permanent after the Vaser Shape treatment?
Where as the results of Liposonix may be semi-permanent, the clinical outcomes of Vaser Shape may not last if one does not adhere to active lifestyle and well-balanced diet. However, Dr. Ting believe that there will be a synergistic benefit when Liposonix treatment is followed by Vaser Shape during subsequent weeks.


Who are good candidates for SonixLipo body sculpting program combining Liposonix and Vaser Shape technology?
Women and men, 16 years and above with reasonable expectation to achieve better body shape via active lifestyle and balanced diets. SonixLipoTM body sculpting is not meant to achieve weight loss.


Anyone who is not a good candidate?

Absolute contraindication would be women who are pregnant. Vaser Shape treatment may not be advisable for women who are breastfeeding, people with active cardiovascular disease, heart pacemakers, medical transplants or prosthesis. Let Dr. Ting know if you are taking lipid-lowering drugs or anticoagulant drugs.



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