SonixLipo Body Sculpting
combining Liposonix & Vaser Shape
Advanced Ultrasound Technology for Localized Fat Removal
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Vaser Shape (MedContour)
    minimally painful, safe Body Sculpting 
    via Transdermal Ultrasound Technology

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Vaser Shape (MedContour MC1), is a FDA-approved medical device, based on non-invasive low frequency ultrasound cavitation technology

Owing to its analgesic, coagulating and antifibrotic properties, therapeutic high-frequency ultrasound (from 1 to 3 MHz) has been in use for a considerable length of time. The desired effect on subcutaneous fatty tissue can be achieved in the treatment of lipodystrophies with collimated low frequency ultrasound waves offered by VaserShape. 

Multiple mechanisms of action of collimated Low Frequency Ultrasound effects include:

- Cavitation: Phenomenon where lipolysis of fatty acids from fat-laden cells occurs due to the formation, growth, and implosive collapse of bubbles in liquids irradiated 
with high-intensity sound. During the final stages of cavitation, compression of the gas inside the bubbles produces enormous local heating and high pressures.

- Mechanical: By means of the movement of tissue particles due to acoustic radiation

- Thermal: Depends on two factors, i.e. tissue absorption and reflection of ultrasound energy from the skin.

- Chemical: Ultrasound causes a short-term change in the pH value and increased permeability of fat cell membranes

Two interlinked ultrasound heads are employed in the concave handpiece for the purpose of treating only targeted problem areas. Both of these powerful ultrasound heads are used to direct a bundled and controlled low-frequency ultrasound beam to a set subcutaneous fatty tissue depth. With this method, fatty cells implode due to cavitation, leaving neighboring structures such as skin, blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue intact.

Fatty substances are drained via the lymphatic system and broken down with the aid of the drainage handpiece. The drainage handpiece is light, manageable and equipped with a 48 mm attachment. It is used to give a pleasant massage with very good drainage effect, reactivating lymph circulation. This effect is very important for the absorption of fat previously treated with the ultrasound handpiece. Breakdown of fatty tissue is accelerated and liver activity, which would normally be overloaded in such a situation, benefits from the treatment.